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Cum From a Place of Love

Cum From a Place of Love

Many people refer to sex as “making love,” but this is often applied exclusively to couples. Solo sex should also be considered “making love” to one’s self, yet many men still think of masturbation as just an itch they need to scratch because they’re horny.

Even among masturbation enthusiasts, there is often a disconnection between the penis and the heart. A man once told me, “My penis doesn’t connect to my heart. My heart only exists to fill Him with blood.” This biological reductionism is a terrible mistake. It disregards the interconnection of your entire being.

It is important to understand the profound relationship between the penis and the heart. While you masturbate, try putting your other hand over your heart. It serves as a physical link between the two, and a reminder to make that connection within. You will come to recognize that this is the key to unlocking the depths of your soul for personal transformation.

“The penis is the exposed tip of the heart,

the wand of the soul.”

– James Broughton, American poet

Sex and eroticism are often regarded as synonymous, but it is important to consider what exactly it means to be “erotic.” The word is derived from Eros, the Greek god of love, but he is much more than that. In Hesiod’s Theogony, Eros originated at the beginning of the universe. He is the primordial force of love that creates and drives our existence and connects all things.

One of the central tenets of Autoerotic Phallicism is the trinity of Cock, Heart, and Mind. These vital centers form a powerful circuit for generating, circulating, and harnessing erotic energy. When you transmute your erotic energy through your heart center, it fills your soul with joy and opens your entire being to ecstatic enlightenment.

Conclusively, solo sex is self-love, and it is essential to your well-being. I implore you to embrace this truth as it is woven into the fabric of your nature. Let your penis pleasure guide you to your heart, and let your heart ejaculate with exhilaration. Cum from a place of love.

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      Great article. I’ve found this to be true.

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      “The penis is the exposed tip of the heart, the wand of the soul.”
      Thanks for quoting James Broughton !
      I do believe this to be true : it’s a beautiful way of expressing what you aptly call ” the trinity of Cock, Heart, and Mind”. It has always been how I felt about my self.

      But I have one question. Solo-sex/love or self-sex/love is one thing, and masturbation is another : masturbation is an act of sex/love. It is using that “tip of the heart”, that “wand of the soul”, in a practical way.
      And it is my connection not only to my heart and mind, but also to other men’s hearts and minds.
      It is not only the vector of my self-love, but of my love of others… via the same “circuit”, i.e. from the tips of our hearts to our hearts and souls.

      In other, simpler words, masturbation, when it becomes mutual, is a privileged access to my fellow humans/men : at least to those who privilege shared masturbation as a love link.

      May I ask you or anyone else to share their thoughts on that ?

      Thanks in advance.

      With strokes and love.


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        Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, except masturbation and solo sex are synonymous and I use them interchangeably. Not all solo sex is self-love though. It becomes an act of love through deliberate intention and effort. That’s the key difference to me.

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      Body, mind and spirit all must be in alignment for meaningful and satisfying ejaculation.

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