Where Men Masturbate Together

A space for men to relax and rejoice in our self-pleasure.

Explore erotic embodiment practices and get in touch with your body through breathing, sensuality, and fantasy.

Connect with other men in a friendly, welcoming environment, and perhaps—with mutual consent—give each other a helping hand.

Hosted by

Anthony Ragonese
Stroking the Soul Coach


Red Gym Men’s Club

448 E Brighton Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210


Rules & Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe, positive, and welcoming atmosphere in the sanctuary*, there are a few basic guidelines that every participant is expected to follow:

During this event, the sanctuary is intended exclusively for masturbation, sensual touch, and non-penetrative sexual activity. Within this space, all participants are expected to respect this intention. If you have other desires, you are welcome to explore them in other rooms of the facility instead.

Permitted Activities:

  • All forms of self-touch
  • Stroking, jerking, genital touching
  • Massage, sensual body touching
  • Nipple play
  • Kissing
  • Hugging, body contact
  • Frottage, grinding, rubbing bodies together
  • Mutual masturbation

Not Allowed:

  • No inserting anything in anyone else’s orifices. Non-penetrative play between participants only.
  • No oral sex. All oral contact must remain above the waist only.
  • No anal sex between participants. External butt play only. Solo anal stimulation is allowed.

We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Consent is of the utmost importance. Always ask before touching or initiating physical contact with someone.

Every person is in charge of his own body and has the right to decide what is best for himself. Respect each other’s personal boundaries.

Communicate clearly and specify what you want or don’t want. Celebrate your “yeses” and honor each other’s “nos.” If you’re not sure, that’s a “no.” Give your consent with an enthusiastic “yes.”

If someone says “no,” honor their answer and move on. Consent must be freely given, without pressure or persuasion.

Consent can also be withdrawn at any time, which means that you can always change your mind.

If you’re physically engaging with someone, it’s a good idea to check in with each other occasionally to ensure that everyone is enjoying the experience.

Also, check in with yourself to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time.

Treat each other with kindness and respect.

We must all do our part to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for men of all ages, shapes, sizes, races, and orientations.

We celebrate the beauty of diversity and want everyone to feel included and accepted in this space.

Treat yourself with respect because your pleasure and autonomy are important.

Respect the purpose of this room during the event, and respect the kind folks at Red Gym for letting us use this space.